NBA successfully defends three patents from IPR challenges brought by TCL

August 11, 2020

NBA successfully defended its client, Wi-LAN, Inc., in three IPR challenges brought by LTE handset maker Huizhou TCL Mobile Communication Co. Ltd. (“TCL”). NBA originally filed suit in May 2019 on behalf of Wi-LAN against TCL for infringement of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,259,688; 8,817,805; and 9,854,577.  Seven months later, TCL challenged the patents in three IPR petitions (IPR2020-00302, -00303, -00304). Led by Barry Bumgardner and John Murphy, NBA addressed deficiencies in TCL’s substantive positions through preliminary patent owner responses.  On the strength of those responses, the PTAB issued written decisions declining to institute any proceeding. For reference, the institution rate for all IPR petitions in FY20 is over fifty percent.